Sale A Business Planning Guide (English,Stephen Haines, Valerie MacLeod & Terry Schmidt,Softcover)

A Business Planning Guide (English,Stephen Haines, Valerie MacLeod & Terry Schmidt,Softcover)

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Brand / Publisher: Jaico Publishing House

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Title: A Business Planning Guide                                                       

Author: Stephen Haines, Valerie MacLeod & Terry Schmidt                                                       

Language: English                                                       

ISBN: 978-81-7992-629-1                                                        

No. of Pages: 164p

Publication: Jaico Publishing House                                                      


Description :

A “How to” Business Planning Guide with a practical step-by-step approach A Business Planning Guide is a one-of-a-kind book. It is designed as a how-to “Survival Guide” and step-by-step primer. It is utilized for Three-Year Business Plan development and implementation using the Science of Systems Thinking and our copyrighted Systems Thinking Approach™. Three Target Audiences — Progressive leaders at all levels around the globe, in all sectors – public, private and not-for-profits. — Senior management teams for an organizations’s: Divisions, SBUs (Strategic Business Units), Regions, LOBs (Lines of Business), Units, MPA (Government Major Program Areas) — Senior management teams of an organization’s Major Functions Areas (MFAs): IT, Marketing/Sales, Legal/Regulatory, Manufacturing, Operations, PR/Communications, HR, Engineering, Planning, Financial, Administration

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