Sale Business Gurus That Changed the World (English,Edited by Ian Wallis,Softcover)

Business Gurus That Changed the World (English,Edited by Ian Wallis,Softcover)

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Title: Business Gurus That Changed the World                                                       

Author: Edited by Ian Wallis                                                       

Language: English                                                       

ISBN: 978-81-8495-283-4                                                       

No. of Pages: 272p

Publication: Jaico Publishing House                                                      


Description :

Includes Leadership Lessons from PETER F. DRUCKER, PHILIP KOTLER, EDWARD DE BONO, STEPHEN COVEY, KEN BLANCHARD & C. K. PRAHALAD THE WORLD’S TOP BUSINESS THINKERS IN ONE BOOK A must-read for anyone working in or studying business, Business Gurus explains simply and clearly the most important elements from the world’s most influential leadership and management thinkers. All major gurus, both past and present, are featured, including: Michael Porter, Tom Peters, Peter Drucker, Michael Gerber, Peter Senge, Jim Collins, Ken Blanchard, Charles Handy, Richard Koch, John Kotter, Ricardo Semler, Stephen Covey, Seth Godin and many more. For each of these renowned thought-leaders, Business Gurus explains their background, the main theories for which they are known, the context for these theories, and how they compare with other business thinking. And crucially, the book also looks at how each theory works in practice. With profiles of 28 of the world’s top business minds, Business Gurus is an essential introduction to business and leadership thinking.

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